It’s beyond business.

For years, our team at SVA has been helping build some of the world’s most transformative companies. That success is a result of our belief in unlocking the potential in everyone we work with. We invest long-term in founders to ensure that they’re agents of positive change in business and the world.

Built on principle

These are the principles we abide by to make each investment into a lasting and productive partnership.

Our approach

We always put founders first. Just as we trust you to run your business with integrity, you can trust us to show up when you’re in need. Companies run best when their leaders are at their best — so we aim to provide support for the whole founder, as a human and as an entrepreneur.

We aim to be a “routing layer” for the technology ecosystem. By reducing friction overall, we grow the whole community, to the benefit of founders.

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For us, it’s about more than money. The best business model is fostering a strong and inclusive community where each player holds the others to a high standard, passing along wisdom and principles as the ecosystem grows.

We play our strongest role at inflection points — key business development deals, mergers and acquisitions, key hires, management advice, communications, and financing, for example. We leverage our vast relationship network to help provide advice, offer referrals, and remove roadblocks.

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John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” For us, no job is too small. When a task is crucial to the success of a portfolio company, we follow up quickly and do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Our efforts at work

Dedicated to founders

Our small team brings decades of insight and experience to the close relationships we build with founders. We believe in a founder’s autonomy, and we’re here to help when companies need it most.