The SVA network effect

Connected, great ideas make a greater impact. We're known for working quickly to link members of our network — founders, industry leaders, regulators, and more — to enable everyone to make strides in business and society.

Inflection points

Some of our most impactful work happens at moments where a single decision or connection can dictate the course of a company. We’re ready to advise at a moment’s notice, helping remove any roadblocks on the path to success.

Advancing the next generation of world-changing founders

Since the ‘90s, we’ve been supporting founders whose potential matches their drive. With each new investment, we use our pattern recognition to help founders see around corners, calling on the world’s experts to help prevent mishaps and accelerate out of crises, so businesses can arrive faster at success.

"SV Angel was a great partner for us at Heap. They were one of the first seed investors to believe in what we were doing and then were really helpful with filling out the rest of our Seed fundraise. In every future round, SVA was massively supportive as well. SVA has backed some of the greatest companies in tech history, and the level of commitment they have is second-to-none. It was a no-brainer for us to work with SVA again for Airplane."

Ravi Parikh

Co-Founder, Airplane and Heap

"From recruiting support to intros to just being a shoulder to lean on whenever we need — the team at SV Angel has been amazing partners since day one. As we’ve grown and brought on many more investors, I still text and talk with the team frequently. During fundraises, when other investors demanded space in the round, SVA helped us make room so we could craft the best round possible, even if it was at the cost of some allocation to them. I won’t forget those moments and am so grateful to them for truly being a partner in the long term success of Rupa."

Tara Viswanathan

Co-Founder & CEO, Rupa Health

"The SV Angel team has been a critical partner right from the beginning of our journey building Kudos. The combination of their breadth of knowledge and their unparalleled network has made navigating some of the daunting parts of the founder journey, such as fundraising, 100x less complicated. We have also always appreciated that the SVA team trusts us to run our company and shows up to support us whenever we need help."

Tikue Anazodo

Co-Founder & CEO, Kudos

"SV Angel is unique in that it has an impressively large portfolio, giving you access to a great network from the start. Working with the team is always easy and pleasant; when I send a request or ask a question, I always receive a very quick response."

Monica Sarbu

Founder & CEO,

"SV Angel is the definition of a great investor and what other groups should strive to be. Their network of founders and industry luminaries is incredible and has opened doors I didn't even know existed. Working with them at Coactive has been invaluable, and I highly recommend working with them to help tilt the scales of building a category-defining company from impossible to possible."

Cody Coleman

Cody Coleman

Co-Founder & CEO, Coactive

"I've worked with SV Angel for over a decade as a founder of my first startup, TalkBin, and then as a frequent co-investor at Liquid 2 Ventures and, most recently, at my new startup CreatorDAO. They are one group you always want on your side. Every partner at SV Angel adds incredible value, and they are true founder supporters through good and bad times. I can think of no better investor to bring on your cap table."

Michael Ma

Co-Founder & CEO, CreatorDAO

A reputation built on trust